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We're calling on YOU!
It's time to get your creative juices flowing! The Humboldt Area Art Community is changing things up this year!
Our major fundraiser will be a benefit art show, featuring YOUR artwork! You're invited to create a piece of artwork to exhibit at our 10th Annual Art Show using any medium you'd like. This year's theme is "Have a Heart for Art." You're welcome to take the theme literally OR since you probably really "❤" the art you create, you're welcome to create anything you'd like and it will fit right in with the theme. 
We hope you'll share your art creations with the community and support the benefit evening. 
Please email your intent to donate a piece of artwork to the HAAC, to Lisa Rasmussen (lisa.j.rasmussen@gmail.com) or Kris Christensen (krchristensen@yahoo.com). 
The art show benefit is Mon., Sept. 28 and your art piece, along with an artist's statement and its value is due Fri., Sept. 25, 2015 at Witz End, 22 Taft St. S. Humboldt, IA. Your artwork will be for sale to the public at the price you set for your piece. There will be NO auction this year, just a straight forward art sale. Each contributing artist will receive 1 free ticket to the benefit art show
Questions? Call Lisa Rasmussen at 515-890-1098.
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