Silk Road Scarves

Silk Road Scarves


Where: Humboldt Arts Center (906 Sumner Ave)

When: March 2, 2019 at 10AM - 12PM and 1PM - 3PM (2 sessions)

Instructor: Brenda and Frank Freeman from Silk Road Arts

Registration & Lab Fee: 

  • $35 for Smaller Scarf (8x54) OR

  • $57 for Larger Scarf (14x72)



Description: Silk Roads Art specializes in water marbled fabrics. We will explore applying modern techniques to an ancient art form and show you how to create one of a kind silk scarves. The process is simple, apply the paint to water then guide the colors across the water to reveal one of kind designs. Once you love your design we then place the silk on the water,  creating your very own piece of art to wear or display.


*Only 12 spots available for each session

*Payment is online only.  Payment is non-refundable.  Payment holds your place in class.