The Humboldt Area Arts Council is holding Art-oberfest again this year with a full schedule of art classes scheduled for October.

The first class will be Oct. 4 at the Humboldt Art Center called “Alcohol Ink on Tile Class.” Paula Crandell is the instructor. Participants will make three projects to take home. Cost is $40 with all supplies furnished.

The rest of the class schedule includes “Pumpkins or Fairy Garden” on Oct. 10.

The night of Oct. 12 will be Kids’ Fall Arts n Crafts Night from 2:30-4 p.m. The event is free. It is for ages five on up, although under five can participate with a parent.

“Sponge and Rag” by Susan Witzel will be Tuesday, Oct. 18, from 7-9:30 p.m.

A Photo Show is set for Oct. 27 from 5-7:30 p.m. Limit to two framed photos no smaller than five by seven. Participants can drop them off at Witz End, O’Hair or First State Bank. There will be two categories, non-professional and professional.

Here is a little bit more from artist Paula Crandell.

“Alcohol ink (A.I.) is pigment dye that is suspended in alcohol. It can be used on any nonporous smooth surface. I use ceramic tile, clear acetate, Yupo (a plastic paper) and glass. Clean surface with alcohol first. Drop ink of various colors on to surface with a little 91% alcohol and let the ink move. This is what creates all the unpredictable shapes, and colors that A.I. is known for. I use gravity, air (canned air or blowing through a straw), cotton swabs, or a tiny dental swab to move ink. Because it's alcohol based, the ink usually dries within a couple of minutes. I always give my work two coats of Kamar varnish and one coat of U.V. protectant.

I’ve been working with A.I. for about a year. I have made cards, stamped and did paper art for about 15 years with a dear friend. We bought alcohol ink after watching a demonstrator use it to create marbled paper. We made our paper, and the ink sat for years on a shelf. One day we were working on cards and she said...what do you think we can do with that ink? I went on line and found hundreds of YouTube tutorials. Wow! The things people were making....just beautiful! I immersed myself in everything I could read or watch about A.I. I bought tiles at Habitat for Humanity and ink and practiced, experimented and created. I guess you could say working with alcohol ink can be addictive, because I am hooked! I belong to an A.I. Facebook group and I’ve learned a lot from the members. I’ve taken one class on line that was beneficial. I keep experimenting with the ink and surfaces and hope I never run out of ideas.

I was immediately drawn to the intense colors and the unpredictability of the medium. For example, sometimes the ink will blend together, but some inks repell each other. You can put a drop of yellow ink on a surface that has another color on it and the yellow spreads out in a circle. This is an “ooooh and ahaaa” moment for students. Love it! I also like that it's rather new to the art world which means most of the well known artists are still "available" to mentor others. I also like the looseness and fluidity that the ink can have.